Great place for orthodontics!!! My son Alex started 7 month ago, so excited to be with you and your team. We love all the staff, they are caring and helpful!! It’s always fun to come again and again. I believe it will be fun for him for the rest two years.

Nadenchik G., Spokane Valley

Dr. Paventy and his team are amazing people!! They really care and are willing to answer any questions I have. Paventy Orthodontics

Tiffany M., Spokane Washington

Dr. Paventy and his orthodontics team are very professional and patient oriented. His progressive style of orthontics is what sets him apart from the rest. Happy to be a patient here!

Megan Seehorn, Spokane Valley, Washington

Dr. Paventy is very caring and compassionate! He was very helpful and got me in quickly when I needed new clear retainers and when I had an appliance emergency.

Jennifer F., Spokane, Washington

We were grateful to have an Orthodontist available in our area, as we were traveling 70 miles 1 way for my first children and their braces. Paventy has been a wonderful experience. They treat my daughter well and have a pleasure to be with.. Thank you for your service!!

Cheryl A., Colville WA.
My daughter Davnee has beautiful white straight teeth thanks to Paventy orthodontist and the staff. Our experience has been great and we are so happy with the results. My daughter Ashley is about ready to her braces removed another good experience. I will tell everyone I know who is in need for a good orthodontist. Thanks again.

Linda P., Spokane, WA.
Excellent staff and Services... My son just got his braces off and he looks great.....We Love Paventy would highly recommend them to anyone exceptional service and good prices. I will be taking my daughter there as well!

Karen C., Spokane Valley WA.
As a parent who lives out of state, I can only express what a pleasure it was to get a consultation and information to decide that Paventy was the orthodontist I went with. My son loves coming for each visit, and loves how fun they try to make the experience. They made billing so easy and worked with my insurance so well. Alicia is amazing and does such a great job in making each child feel like they are so important!

Paul D.